Grundéns Presents: Silver Wave

Silver Wave Seafood Co.

Ocean to Mountains, Boat to Table

By MJ Carroll & Eric Macias

Our passion lies somewhere between the vast open waters of the ocean and the rugged snow-capped peaks of the mountains. We live the best of both worlds; on the water in Southeast Alaska and in the mountains of Southwest Colorado.

Together, as an Alaska fisherman and a Colorado local, we have combined our love for the ocean and its wild salmon, with our love for the mountains and its communities.

Coming from opposite worlds, we met in the Pacific Northwest and serendipitously merged our dreams. Eric was living on his 1967 wooden fishing boat- the Silver Wave- with a desire to put a private label on his fish, while MJ was working in downtown Seattle for a ski company scheming a way to find her way back to the mountains.

Eventually, MJ convinced Eric, the ocean-loving, surfing fisherman, to move to her remote, land-locked mountain hometown of Durango with the hopes to share a healthy taste of the ocean with the people of Southwest Colorado.

Inspired by Community-Supported Agriculture, (C.SA.) shares offered by local farms, we are modeled after a similar concept with Community-Supported Seafood shares. Quality, sustainable, wild-caught seafood at a reasonable price is hard to find in mountain towns. However, support for local businesses is not hard to find in these communities and the boat to table concept was immediately embraced.

“Silver Wave serves as a platform for us to educate people about how their fish was caught…”

Silver Wave not only serves as a platform for us to educate people about how their fish was caught, the importance of wild-caught vs. farmed- including its seasonality, sustainability, and nutritional values- but also is a way for us to live out our dreams on the water in and in the mountains.

Learn more at 2019 shares will be available for Southwest Colorado in early summer, but our canned smoked salmon, smoked by
Wildfish Cannery is available year-round for local pick up in Southwest Colorado or shipped nationwide.