Grundéns X PikeFight

Grundéns is proud to present PikeFight 2019.

Don´t miss out on your chance to win a Downrigger set

A Youtube production by Freewater Pictures and Söder Sportfiske.

See the sportfishing pros show off some of their techniques & baits when challenging some of the biggest names and suppliers in the sportfishing world.

Known as a trusted brand in hardcore fishing, the choice was obvious when Grundéns were asked to equip two of the teams in this year’s competition. Watch Team Svartzonker as well as Söder Sportfiske as they give our new Gore-Tex line a serious test as well as our performance boots, shirts, and mid-layers.

During three days of competition in the classic, well-known waters the five teams will do anything in their power to reach the top of the prestige filled winners stand. Together the teams are holding an enormous knowledge and experience of spin fishing pikes. Take part of their knowledge and get tips from the pros when everything is shown in front of the cameras.

During these days, the teams are competing against each other according to the same rules as the big international championships. The winner is crowned by the 5 longest pikes per day and is accumulated together with bonus points from “The Big Five”.

PikeFight, PerchFight & the all-new PredatorFight is reoccurring filmed competitions. Idea and Concept by Söder Sportfiske, Production by Freewater Pictures.

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