Guarantee Of Quality

Our Commitment

Grundéns has developed and manufactured high-quality rainwear and protective clothing for generations. The functionality of our waterproof clothing has been proven across the world in the toughest environments known to man – confirming our philosophy of providing guaranteed products. We stand behind all Grundéns products and guarantee them to be free from manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.



What’s covered?

Defects in original, unaltered, and unmodified materials and workmanship within the lifetime of the product.



What’s not covered?

Damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper care, misuse, accident, neglect, or the natural breakdown of materials over time, including improper fit or comfort issues.
Products acquired from unauthorized dealers and aftermarket sources — such as online auction sites, liquidators, consignment shops, private sellers, sales samples, promotional products, and final sale/warehouse sales



      How it works

      Submit a warranty claim by filling out the appropriate warranty form below. Print off the warranty form once completed, pack it up along with your product and mail the package to our warranty team for review. If your claim is approved, Grundéns will repair the product, without charge, or replace it, at our discretion.



      How it works:

      Submit a warranty claim with proof of purchase (receipt, order confirmation, or credit card statement with personal info blacked out) that shows the date of purchase. If your claim is approved, you’ll receive a replacement product (same or comparable) at the discretion of Grundéns. (Note: If you purchased directly through a retailer, you may want to reach out to them instead. In many cases, the retailer will be able to assist you.)


      It’s easy:

      1) Gather all necessary information

      • Product tag number or style name
      • Color(s)
      • Size
      • Description/photos of the defect, a full image of the product, and an image of the tag.
      • Date and place of purchase (attach image of receipt)


      2) Completely fill out our online claim form and attach the following photos:

      • Full image of the product
      • Photo of the defect
      • Photo of the product tag
      • Photo of receipt


      4) Once your form is filled out and photos are attached click Submit

      5) A warranty expert will review your claim and reply in 7-10 business days


      Additional Details:

      • Items submitted for Warranty are subject to inspection and testing for validation of claim.
      • Grundéns reserves the right to repair or replace items deemed defective, at our discretion.
      • Approved warranty product is replaced at the discretion of Grundéns.
      • All Grundéns warranty decisions are final.
      • Grundéns is not responsible for any cost, or damages, incurred due to loss of use of the product.
      • All cash refunds must be obtained through the original purchaser.


      READY TO FILE YOUR CLAIM? CLICK HERE: Start my Warranty Claim